Words and Characters Counter Free Online

A commonsense Words and Characters Counter tool which empowers you to rapidly count how much words, characters and lines in any text you like.

Words and Characters Counter Free Online

Count Words, Characters, Paragraphs and lines in Your Text

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Words and Characters Counter Free Online

Free Online Word and Character Count Tool

A free, simple-to-use tool for keeping track of word, character, lines, paragraph and spaces counts in your text with CodeLab Word Counter.

Our online word count tool allows you to easily turn on/off whether you\’d want spaces to be counted as characters and displays statistics for both words and characters at the same time. Additionally, it demonstrates the restrictions for social media sites with character limits.

What Are Word Counter and Character Counter?

Our robust platform immediately handles the tedious counting jobs for you when you enter your text to CodeLab’s Word Counter, allowing you to know exactly where your project\’s word and character restrictions stand.

Therefore, save yourself the time and effort by using CodeLab as your word and character calculator if you are unsure of the rules governing what constitutes a character or whether compound words are considered to be one or two words.

You can rely on CodeLab’s knowledge to understand that accented letters don’t count as two characters, hyphenated words only count as one, and that spaces typically do count as characters.

To make sure you\’re meeting or exceeding your writing goals, there\’s no need to count words or characters even lines, spaces and paragraphs by hand while staring blankly into the articles.

Who Needs a Character Counter?

With a few exceptions, the goal of counting words is typically to reach a minimum or rough estimate. Here are a few situations where using a word counter would be useful:


In order to demonstrate their expertise, instructors frequently require students to produce 2,000 word essays or 250-word short answers to questions.
In addition to coursework, students who are seeking for admission to graduate or undergraduate programs typically have a target word count for their application essays. Maximum word limits are typically also set due to the enormous number of applications each institution gets.

For instance, a student could be required to submit a 1,000-word personal statement, but the details will specify a strict 2,000-word restriction.


Daily composing objectives are significant for the serious author, even at the leisure activity level. Those hoping to practice composing all the time or improve their abilities frequently decide to lay out an everyday word count objective, as Neil Gaiman\’s 50-words-per-day propensity that, gradually, assisted him with writing Caroline.

Work Seekers

When making introductory letters or finishing contextual investigations for requests for employment, it is at times expected to meet objective word count. For instance, a candidate might be approached to compose a 1,500-word report on a contextual investigation to show their insight into the market.

Students, Educators, and Researchers

Research abstracts are one exemption where the word count has a severe most extreme that is commonly hard to accomplish, since abstracts frequently need to sum up long stretches of investigation into ~300 words.


In order for an article to be indexed and found online, numerous duties, such as research, drafting, and SEO, must be completed when creating a blog post. For instance, it is customary for bloggers to strive for around 1,000 words in each piece in order to cover all pertinent details about a subject.

In addition to meeting the desired word length, an article\’s SEO details, such as the meta title and description, must be written within a set character count so that search engines will know to return the article as a result for pertinent keywords.

Owners of Online Businesses

Whether operating through their own website or a third-party platform, online entrepreneurs frequently have a target term.

For companies with their own websites, SEO and the corresponding character restrictions are crucial to adhere to in order for search engines to comprehend the business and market and direct people to the appropriate product pages.

Words and Characters Counter Free Online

In order for their products to be found appropriately, platform sellers must still understand and optimize for keywords and metadata, and these constraints are nearly often specified in characters rather than words.

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