Javascript Digital Clock With Date Source Code

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Javascript Digital Clock With Date Source Code

If utilized properly, clocks may be a helpful component of any user interface. Javascript Digital Clock With Date Source Code. Learn to Create a Digital Clock with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Clocks can be utilized in locations where time management is a top priority, such as booking websites or applications that display rail, bus, and aircraft arrival times. There are generally two sorts of clocks: analog and digital. We’ll consider creating a digital version.
The internet enabled practically anything. We can now see our code in real time and engage with web content thanks to JavaScript, which has become the dominant web programming language.

We provide two sorce code for digital clock simple and with date.

Create a Digital Clock with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

This essay aims to use this crucial technology in conjunction with other web-based languages like javascript, HTML and CSS to create a digital clock that functions online.

Brief Introduction of Used Languages

HTML: is a markup language that provides the framework for web content. It is additionally known as the web’s skeleton. The acronym HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

CSS: The acronym CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is the tool used to add graphics and colors to the content of our websites. It is a tool for designing, styling, and formatting web pages.

JavaScript: The web’s scripting language is JavaScript, which is also a run-time compiling lightweight interpreted language. The language is frequently used because it makes web content more interactive.

These web base languages resources will be used in this tutorial to create a digital clock that shows the time, day, month, and year.

To learn more how to create digital clock and implemnt the source code


The JavaScript digital clock is a great way to start your javascript learing journey as a beginner. It is easy to use and it is very simple to make. You can use it to display the time and with or without date on your website or application.

In this digital clock with seconds tutorial we discussed the complete code step by step. If still have any confusion, mention in comments box.



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